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Preparing Students. Achieving Results.

Learn ACT, SAT, and College Admissions from Harvard-educated instructors who are committed to helping you achieve your dreams and become the best version of you! 

We don't just teach. We inspire. We coach. We care.

Ivy University Prep has helped prepare 100+ students and counting

We offer customized, quality test preparation, admissions counseling and general tutoring to help you gain excellence in your academics and success in life. Our curriculums are designed to help you gain acceptance to top-rated colleges and attain scholarships. Our experts include Harvard graduates and those who have attained 99th percentile scores and successfully navigated the college admissions process. All of our experts are have years of quality teaching and mentoring experience.Our instructors provide an engaging and inspiring experience with results-based teaching methods. In addition, we record all of our teaching sessions so that you can review with your student to help him or her improve.

“I found this class to be extremely helpful. This was my first formal preparatory class and my score and comfort level of the test has largely improved. Muneeb is a wonderful instructor and is very knowledge on the topic at hand.”

“Muneeb explains each of the subjects very thoroughly and answers questions well so you can get a lot out of this class for the right price.”

“This class was very enlightening and I was engaged most of the time, the learning style is easy for just about anyone. This teacher is very smart and patient with us students. I recommend you take this class if you’re looking for a jumpstart to the ACT exam.”

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